Friday 8 November 2013

Your GaGa


This is your GaGa.

Here's some things you should know about him.

He loves Walmart!  GaGa should have shares in it.  He loves the phone and once you get older Im sure he'll call you a dozen times a day.  But that's ok because he loves you like he loved me at one time and still does.  GaGa will love you like there's no tomorrow.  He's a family man and his family always comes first.  He'll never turn his back on you....Just don't get a tattoo or piercing cause he thinks that's trashy haha

GaGa thinks  there's no one like your brother and you.  He's a long haul truck driver so he's not always home but trust me home is where he'd rather be.  Closer to you and Jax....and Nana I suppose too. ha  Im sure you're gonna love him as much as he loves you and before long you will have him wrapped around your finger.  One piece of advice....when he's sipping some "koolies", hit him up for a few always get more than you expect ;)

Saturday 10 August 2013

Love these Two


You certainly are in the arms of a proud Dada.

Your Mommy loves your Dada like there's no tomorrow......just sayin'

Snug as a Bug in a Rug

Halloween at Vacationland


You were 5 days old and gone trick or treating at the campground!  Dressed as a cute pumpkin, you tagged along with Batman to get some goodies!

Hanging around @ 4 days old